AQUANATAL is here at Westway!

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Little Swim School is introducing AQUANATAL at Westway.

What is Aquanatal?

Aquanatal is a water based programme specially designed for expectant mothers (from week 13 onwards). During pregnancy, there are many changes that occur to the mother’s body. These are normal physical changes and it is common to experience increased stress on joints and muscles.

Regular Aquanatal exercise provides low impact, water based exercises to help improve your range of movement and keep joints flexible. Maintain your fitness in a safe and fully indoors environment, while you prepare yourself for delivery.

The programme consists of warm up, a cardio segment, strengthening & flexibility exercises, warm down and relaxation.

Mothers using noodles in one of the exercise segments.

Total Body Workout
Aquanatal will improve the expectant mother’s balance, breathing capacity and strength, as their body changes to prepare them for child birth. In water, you will find a low impact environment that will strengthen your core muscles, pelvis, back or abdominal region.

Low Impact

The buoyancy of the water requires you to support only 50-70 percent of your weight, which alleviates stress on your joints and muscles.



Aquanatal provides the same workout for your heart and body as low impact land based exercises, while the natural low stress environment allows you to focus on the exercises without other distractions.

Mothers in the relaxation segment of the Aquanatal programme.

Feel Relaxed
The warm water helps soothe your tired and aching joints. The movement of water also has a massaging effect over the body.

Have Fun!
Exercising with fellow expectant mothers is fun and a great way to share experiences.

Don’t know how to swim? No problem!
Non-swimmers will feel comfortable participating, as all sessions will be conducted in chest-high water (1.3m deep pool).



Conducted by experienced and qualified instructors.


Vikki Jonied

Aquatic Exercise Association, (USA)

– Certified Aqua Fitness Professional (2017)

Federation of International Sports & Aerobics Fitness (FISAF)

– Master Trainer for Aqua instructor’s Course





Jean Tan

Federation of International Sports & Aerobics Fitness (FISAF)

– Certified Aqua Instructor




27 West Coast Highway, Singapore 117867
(Opposite Haw Par Villa MRT)

Date & Time:
Saturday, 12.15pm to 1.15pm

60 mins per session

$650 (16 sessions)
Expectant mothers less than 13 weeks pregnant should seek your doctor’s clearance before joining the class.

To register write to or Call / SMS 8262 1919.


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