The backstroke is akin to the freestyle/front crawl, but done with the front body and head facing the sky instead of facing down.

Described as freestyle on your back, one downside of backstroke is that you won’t be able to see where you’re heading. Hence, estimate the number of strokes you’ll need to reach the end of the pool to avoid crashing into the wall or other fellow swimmers.

STEP 1: Little finger enters water first, and the arm is straight.
STEP 2: When the arm is at shoulder level, the elbow bends, arm pulls sideways, body rolling with momentum.
STEP 3: Aim for a flat body position, with head back and eyes looking upwards.
STEP 4: Aim to keep arm and leg motions continuous.
STEP 5: Breathe out as one arm recovers, and breathe in as the other arm recovers.
STEP 6: The recovering arm points straight up.