“My 2 boys have been coached by Little Swim School since they were very young (9 months & 7 months) until today (7 years & 4 years old respectively). We love the school because the coaches really know how to teach and handle kids in a professional way (especially when my kids were cranky, uncooperative, etc.).

The coaches are very patient, passionate, friendly and they make learning fun. The Head Coach, Garett Lee, is great with kids and very experienced. Thanks to Little Swim School, my children are now confident swimmers and this is a life skill that every kid should have.”

Mr Gerald Lim

“The coaches in Little Swim School are very friendly and engage young children confidently. Always with smiles on their faces, the coaches gain the children’s trust quite quickly and lessons can begin smoothly.”

Ms Celine Chia

“I like how the coaches put in their hearts in training the kids. And the indoor pool is marvellous. My kids both enjoyed the lessons and have progressed tremendously under the coaches. Also love the interaction with other parents!”

Mr Christopher Sia

“Gabriel started when he was 7 months and he is turning 4 this year. He was constantly cranky and unwilling to participate in group activities, and has since improved tremendously and really enjoy lessons now. Coach Garett and his team deserve all the credit because they are incredibly patient, creative and very experienced dealing with kids.”

Ms Quek Siew Hoon