Little Swim School conducts daily toddler swimming lessons at our indoor heated swimming centre at 27 West Coast Highway. In addition, Little Swim School conducts toddler swimming lessons every Saturday and Sunday from 8.30am to 12.30pm at Queenstown Swimming Complex and Yio Chu Kang Swimming Complex, so let us know if you have interest for those locations.

For all other days, our schedule, timings, and locations are fluid, as we typically conduct swimming lessons at various condominiums, apartments, and private houses throughout Singapore.

Our toddler swimming lessons are designed for toddlers between 3 to 7 years young. So if your toddler is within this age bracket, he / she is perfect to start!
This is not advisable, as they’ll be undergoing different teaching pedagogy that’s designed for that particular age bracket.
For the first few lessons, this is highly encouraged. This is to help your toddler familiarise and build a relationship with his / her swimming instructor with your assistance, and also reduces stranger anxiety.
Each lesson lasts 30 minutes. This is the ideal amount of time that balances between your toddler’s attention span, learning, and engagement levels.
Each toddler is an individual and thus different, and learns according to his / her pace. Do not worry about him / her learning at a different pace compared to other toddlers. We take a long-term view of creating a fun, exciting, and engaging learning environment for your toddler.
Your swim wear and a pair of googles will suffice. A big smile and a bubbly personality in the pool wouldn’t hurt either!