Freestyle, also commonly known as the “front crawl”, can be swum using any technique the swimmer chooses.

The “front crawl” is almost always the preferred stroke used for free style. The freestyle is the fastest swim stroke available to swimmers, hence it is always used for triathlons and ironman events when speed and personal best timings are crucial.

STEP 1: Body flat, eyes looking forward and down.
STEP 2: Hand enters the water just inside the shoulder line. Arm pulls down and back with elbow bent, body roll following momentum.
STEP 3: Arm recovery is an easy, relaxed action with the elbow slightly higher than the hand.
STEP 4: Arm pushes back, head starts to turn, ready for breathing.
STEP 5: Head turns to side, breathing in swiftly.
STEP 6: The face turns back into the water as soon as the breath is taken.